We recommend that you use SHAPEDOWN with the guidance of a trained and licensed SHAPEDOWN Provider. If there are no SHAPEDOWN Providers in your community, you may wish to use SHAPEDOWN on a self-care basis until a program is available in your area.

SHAPEDOWN materials are available in both English and Spanish.

Here is a description of the SHAPEDOWN Workbooks and Parent Guides:
SHAPEDOWN Patient Materials
The SHAPEDOWN Program is unique in its commitment to providing developmentally appropriate patient materials. Each publication has been specifically developed to address the issues associated with the developmental status of each patient.

SHAPEDOWN for Children and Adolescents
SHAPEDOWN Workbooks include case stories, readings, practices, food and activity records, goals and contracts.

Level 1 (6 to 8 years) includes stories about Ralph Rabbit and Bonnie Bear who are soft, fluffy and round and live in Monarch Meadow. They have various encounters and adventures with Leonard Lamb who teaches them how to accept their genetic body build, talk about their feelings and needs, and become physically active and eat a diet that is healthy but not depriving.

Level 2 (9 or 10 years) focuses on Cindy and Matt, two fourth graders in Miss Bacon’s class who form their own SHAPEDOWN Club and help each other get in shape, speak up about their feelings and needs and eat healthier.

Level 3 (11 or 12 years) highlights the developmental issues of the middle school years and three friends, Jeff, Molly and Lily. Lily contends with her single parent mother and her own emotional overeating. Jeff learns how to speak up and to turn off the television and become active. Molly learns to ask for support and confronts her dad and herself about junk food eating.

Level 4 (13 to 18 years) is designed for middle to late adolescents and weaves in interchanges and stories from four teens: Jeff, Molly, Lily and Carol as they learn to take responsibility for both their physical and emotional well being.

SHAPEDOWN for Parents
The SHAPEDOWN Parent’s Guide includes readings, practices, contracts, goals and food and activity records. A parent’s guide for the children’s program (used with levels 1, 2 and 3) and a different parent’s guide for the teen program (used with level 4) are available. Each corresponds with the issues addressed in their companion child or adolescent workbook.

After the intensive basic SHAPEDOWN program, families may enter ADVANCED SHAPEDOWN to deepen and extend the changes they have made.

ADVANCED SHAPEDOWN Just for Kids! Workbook is developmentally appropriate and continues the same themes an characters used in the initial SHAPEDOWN. It includes readings and practices on a variety of topics related to FOOD, ACTIVITY, ME (intrapsychic), US (interpersonal) as well as food and activity records and goals and contracts.

The ADVANCED SHAPEDOWN Parent’s Guide Workbook gently moves parents toward continuing and extending changes in communication and lifestyle and stresses relapse prevention techniques. This book mirrors the children’s books, with similar topics and practices, records, goals and contracts.

For self-care, order one age-appropriate workbook for your child or teen and one parent guide for yourself.

SHAPEDOWN is a licensed program delivered by health professionals who have completed the selfstudy videocourse. Health professionals who are not licensed SHAPEDOWN Providers may order a maximum of one of each SHAPEDOWN patient Workbook or Parent’s Guide for reference or review. Instructor’s Guides and other SHAPEDOWN materials may only be ordered by licensed SHAPEDOWN Providers.